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Character Information
Name:Victor Thetank
Profession:Elite Knight
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Leader of the Legacy Death
Last login:22 October 2019, 7:17 pm
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 17%
Tasks: 05%

11 Sep 2019, 18:57 Killed at level 445 by General Supremo, Strawberry Paladin, Imortal Murdakz, Macabra Bill, Nippur, Diabo Feio, a cyclops wooly, a behemoth and by Dwayne Screen.
11 Sep 2019, 16:53 Killed at level 446 by General Supremo, Placa Mae, Sakode, Macabra Bill, Vini Fullpistola, Nippur and by Darkpsy.
10 Sep 2019, 20:20 Died at level 443 by cyclops wooly, Neoo, Brunin Do Sertao, Kyzza, Grym Mylin, Grajek Rpg, Megazord and by Pharamox.
6 Sep 2019, 12:47 Killed at level 441 by Druid Paramax, Green Do Verdin, Bazz Knight, Leiheemhaag, Ninja Oculto, Russian People and by Baffi Aka Trovao.
5 Sep 2019, 22:36 Killed at level 438 by Tico Tico No Fuba, Megazord, Ninja Oculto, Leiheemhaag, Bigols Aka Trovao, Ericck Oldtimes, Sidilene Costa, Mtszyk, Invictu, Xoddeett and by Pally Kennzey.
5 Sep 2019, 19:55 Killed at level 439 by Dyx Bandidao, Druid Paramax, Brugesic, Ninja Oculto, Sidilene Costa and by Spectrus.
24 Aug 2019, 18:27 Died at level 429 by western undead and by western princess.
24 Aug 2019, 18:25 Died at level 430 by western undead, Joohzerah, Vinicim Visivel, Nicky Nichols, a western princess and by Elite Sir Li.
24 Aug 2019, 18:11 Died at level 430 by western undead and by western princess.
16 Aug 2019, 19:43 Killed at level 430 by Gaaa, Papi Gamba, Bedek Brazol, Faster Pau Grande, Faster Maker Ed, Narack Ye Qiu, Nina Cat, Cvt Thug Life, Lekaoloko, Baby Mage and by Kiick Buttowski.

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1704, Elder Druid
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674, Elder Druid
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673, Elder Druid

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