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Character Information
Name:Sokkz Down
Profession:Elder Druid
Marital status:single
House:Palladium 08 (Palladium) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Leader of the Contra Todos
Last login:13 October 2019, 3:43 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 28%
Tasks: 03%

11 Oct 2019, 16:19 Killed at level 394 by Zyxiizxy, Imparable Ed, Xbacon and by Inmemory Oldtimes.
11 Oct 2019, 15:41 Killed at level 395 by Gash Sane, Imparable Ed, Xnxx, Faster Maker Ed, Zephirdd Insad and by Zomssdiswndinw.
11 Oct 2019, 12:51 Killed at level 395 by Warning Faelzerah, Cowboy Crazy, Weolpaszp, Slc Faelzinn, Xbacon and by dragon lord.
11 Oct 2019, 01:06 Killed at level 392 by Aregwyrou, Warning Juninzerah, Warning Juuhzerah, Matabotts, We Kiinah, Fumakano Ndoky, We Fael, Warning Letizerah, Ancient Hood, Arkothep, Cowboy Crazy, Kurareh Jah, Flersy Narjleszy, Candlestick, Itz Smith Malore, Powergamess and by Teteuh Veryodyado.
11 Oct 2019, 01:01 Killed at level 392 by Kurareh Jah, Flersy Narjleszy, Warning Juuhzerah, We Kiinah, Fumakano Ndoky, Matabotts, Aregwyrou, We Fael, Menor Brutto, Ancient Hood, Candlestick, Anna Collins, Cowboy Crazy and by Warning Davizerah.
11 Oct 2019, 00:59 Killed at level 393 by Anna Collins, Warning Juninzerah, Warning Juuhzerah, Warning Letizerah, We Kiinah, Kurareh Jah, Ancient Hood, Cowboy Crazy, Fumakano Ndoky, Powergamess, We Fael, Jack Ripper, Matabotts, Arkothep, Itz Smith Malore and by Uh Plz.
11 Oct 2019, 00:48 Killed at level 393 by Cowboy Crazy, Ancient Hood, We Kiinah, Aregwyrou, Powergamess, Fumakano Ndoky, Arkothep, Itz Smith Malore, Matabotts, Warning Juninzerah, Anna Collins, Warning Juuhzerah, Menor Brutto, Warning Letizerah, Leozinho Verycrazy and by Sokkz Down.
11 Oct 2019, 00:44 Killed at level 393 by Warning Davizerah, Warning Juuhzerah, Flersy Narjleszy, Warning Juninzerah, Arkothep, Aregwyrou, Itz Smith Malore, We Kiinah, Fumakano Ndoky, Cowboy Crazy, Matabotts, Candlestick, Sokkz Down, Kurareh Jah, Pro Rush Mas Frigo and by Ancient Hood.
11 Oct 2019, 00:34 Killed at level 393 by Kurareh Jah, Warning Juuhzerah, We Kiinah, Flersy Narjleszy, Matabotts, Warning Juninzerah, Powergamess, Fumakano Ndoky, Arkothep, Anna Collins, Warning Letizerah, Menor Brutto, King Eduardo, Ancient Hood, Candlestick, Jack Ripper, Aregwyrou, Cowboy Crazy and by Fouxz Highlights.
9 Oct 2019, 00:57 Killed at level 393 by Aregwyrou, We Leader, Warning Juuhzerah, Powergamess, Chesterzowiszk, Flersy Narjleszy, Ancient Hood, Kurareh Jah, Caiozerah Paramax, New Max, Jiu Jitsuu, Matabotts, Maroted Bin, Arkothep, Anastasia Yankova, Fouxz Highlights, Sokkz Down and by Well Victor.

Frags List
Frags Justified
Frags Unjustified

Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+15.186.549 (experience total)
+16.488.041 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
-5.565.704 (experience total)
-8.355.431 (experience total)
+25.883.472 (experience total)

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1- Macumbeiro
1702, Elder Druid
2- Matuto
673, Elite Knight
3- Gilizera
668, Elder Druid
4- Joohzerah
664, Elite Knight
5- Jonathan Pires
664, Royal Paladin

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