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Character Information
Name:Navil Northwar
Profession:Royal Paladin
Residence:Paper City
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Member of the Contra Todos
Last login:14 October 2019, 12:35 am
Account Status:Premium Account
Balance:$ 0 Gold Coins.

Other Infos
Quests: 61%
Tasks: 16%

13 Oct 2019, 13:09 Killed at level 453 by Xnxx, Kendo Kaponii, Jason Anderson, Tirol Integral, Falcon Hits and by Noox Thuunder.
13 Oct 2019, 11:27 Killed at level 454 by Jason Anderson, Xnxx, Ripstar, Slyn Tris, Ze Poleta, Kendo Kaponii, Neoo and by Navil Northwar.
9 Oct 2019, 21:45 Killed at level 452 by Matabotts, Heyz Zer, Warning Juninzerah, Zephirdd Insad, Ancient Hood, Xanedu, Mago The Vis, Execowtioner, Mooacy, Jason Anderson, Fouxz Highlights, Navil Northwar and by Maniacko Hands.
9 Oct 2019, 21:38 Killed at level 453 by Execowtioner, Jason Anderson, Warning Juninzerah, Xanedu, Ancient Hood, Mago The Vis, Matabotts, Candlestick, Mooacy and by Walk It Talk.
7 Oct 2019, 04:14 Killed at level 450 by Lord Feiticeiro, Pokemoun, Cheira Meu Cu, Vy Canis Majoris, Dressa, Mariemi, Slc Faelzinn and by Navil Northwar.
5 Oct 2019, 23:13 Died at level 447 by hellhound, a undead dragon, a guzzlemaw, a defiler, a fury, a diabolic imp, a juggernaut, a plaguesmith, a fire elemental, a dark torturer, a hellfire fighter, a destroyer, a betrayed wraith, a fire elemental, a fire elemental, a hellspawn and by demon.
5 Oct 2019, 10:28 Died at level 448 by Ferumbras, Crossfox, Pokemoun, Rafael Boladao, Backpack Nywesi and by Teteuh Veryodyado.
5 Oct 2019, 10:15 Died at level 448 by Ferumbras, Rafael Boladao, Xnxx, Kani and by Jjgnht Dnefgn.
5 Oct 2019, 10:05 Died at level 449 by Ferumbras, Rafael Boladao, Deus Do Infinito, Friends, Jjgnht Dnefgn, a giant spider and by Ayka.
5 Oct 2019, 09:45 Died at level 450 by Ferumbras, Rafael Boladao, Kani and by Moral Rpzor.

Frags List
Frags Justified
Frags Unjustified

Experience History
EXP Today
not gain exp (experience total)
+10.640.422 (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
not gain exp (experience total)
+17.596.074 (experience total)
+150.715 (experience total)
-7.569.346 (experience total)

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1- Macumbeiro
1702, Elder Druid
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673, Elite Knight
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668, Elder Druid
4- Joohzerah
664, Elite Knight
5- Jonathan Pires
664, Royal Paladin

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