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Dont Cry

Guild Information

The guild was founded on MegaTibia on Aug 21 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Accept The War (WARMODE?) Royal Paladin 561 online
Bigboss Moacy (Dont Cry) Elder Druid 561 offline
Pawel Za Meisiac (FNDOO) Elite Knight 462 online
Vice-Leader Bigboss James (Paralyzando) Elder Druid 397 offline
Invictu (VOLTEI A SER GAY) Elder Druid 413 offline
Shakal Old School (SHAKAL LOVE WEED) Master Sorcerer 465 offline
Member Arkothep Elder Druid 294 offline
Arkymeds (Paullo) Elder Druid 437 offline
Atrakcyjny Elite Knight 288 offline
Baby Fear Knight 278 offline
Bigboss Dontcry Royal Paladin 444 offline
Bigboss Roludao Elder Druid 212 offline
Binhoow Cachorrao (BINHOOW) Elder Druid 396 offline
Bobdii (seguraa) Elder Druid 313 offline
Bornmagic Much Lag (INDIO) Elder Druid 342 offline
Brutar Elder Druid 204 offline
Candlestick (oxy) Elder Druid 352 offline
Charlie Detona (TTK) Elder Druid 407 offline
Chukyu Naldegar Elder Druid 319 offline
Cowboy Crazy (Pablo) Elder Druid 402 offline
Dan Gordoo Elder Druid 201 offline
Dont Fear (TEU LEADER) Elite Knight 443 online
Eletro Hell Master Sorcerer 280 online
Execowtioner (Rage) Elite Knight 599 online
Fear Love Elite Knight 312 offline
Fear Of Medo Elite Knight 286 offline
Fear True Elite Knight 309 offline
Fullmonback (MAMABEMDEVAGARZINHO) Elder Druid 465 offline
Gash Elder Druid 455 offline
Gash Sane Master Sorcerer 519 offline
Girl Is Beautiful Elder Druid 266 offline
Go War Remylian Elder Druid 277 online
Guerilla Warfare Elite Knight 362 offline
Hitmann (DEUS ACIMA DE TODOS) Master Sorcerer 523 offline
Jet Lek Master Sorcerer 377 offline
Josnelzinho (tá mec) Elder Druid 185 offline
Juunim Elder Druid 298 online
Kedavic Elder Druid 393 online
King Maconheiro (edy) Elder Druid 406 offline
Koop Land Elder Druid 256 online
Lidera (Old JuunimMyto) Elder Druid 377 online
Lord Do Medo Knight 263 offline
Lord Nigh Angel (Ssij pale ty chuju cieciu) Royal Paladin 366 online
Lord Of Fear Elite Knight 312 online
Macgyverr Royal Paladin 500 offline
Macielw Psicopata (Maciel Cheio De Odio :D) Elder Druid 313 offline
Made In Cash Knight 285 offline
Maestro Of Fear Knight 291 online
Mano Boltadas Royal Paladin 353 online
Medo Of Fear Elite Knight 276 offline
Mestre Do Medo Elite Knight 306 offline
Meucuteucu Elder Druid 410 offline
Moacy Unknown Royal Paladin 590 offline
Moacy Warfull (Warfull) Elite Knight 591 offline
Old Davidzovisk (Das Antiga ;) Elder Druid 342 offline
Oxy Agaeszi (D.E.V.O.N) Elder Druid 410 offline
Pretho Banido Master Sorcerer 420 offline
Pwrfek (EK RESERVA) Elite Knight 509 offline
Pzk Nohands Royal Paladin 491 offline
Raawke Lumyrus Elder Druid 339 offline
Ralph Wiggum Elder Druid 262 online
Saad Frontline (Saadzeraaa) Elder Druid 326 offline
Ser Gin (Full Ricaria) Elder Druid 637 offline
Sniper Arrow Royal Paladin 599 offline
Swordzin (Only Fun) Elite Knight 415 offline
Thaliban Mythh Elder Druid 334 offline
Trevor Belmonte (Benjamin) Elder Druid 457 offline
Vulgo Trk (034DDDBROTA) Elder Druid 273 online
Weiproteinpal Royal Paladin 103 offline
Weolpasza Paladin 101 offline
Weolpasziy Paladin 106 offline
Weolpasziz Royal Paladin 106 offline
Weolpaszp Royal Paladin 226 online
Weolpaszxa Paladin 107 offline
Weolpaszxl Paladin 102 offline
Weolpaszxq Royal Paladin 108 offline
Weolszxxt Royal Paladin 108 offline
Winter Shadow Elder Druid 424 offline
Xexeu Papaxana Elder Druid 352 offline
Xxdxdz Elder Druid 231 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Affeww Sep 13 2019
Binhoow Sep 10 2019
Overload Axe Sep 13 2019
Soul Raider Sep 16 2019
The Mountain Sep 12 2019
Xedus Azitromicina Sep 18 2019
Xx Yy Aug 26 2019

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Sheikh
1701, Elder Druid
2- Potter
669, Elite Knight
3- Gilizera
665, Elder Druid
4- Shurioken
663, Elite Knight
5- Rights
663, Royal Paladin

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